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Bizcubed is the Australian pentaho Commercial Open Source Business Intelligence Partner.

Formed by experienced executives with a passion for smart technology, our unique skill is accelerating the adoption of business analytics programs. We get results for organisations with an abundance of data in disparate systems that need an ROI on their IT investment – fast.

As advocates for commercial open source technology, BizCubed is proud to be a certified Pentaho BI Platinum Partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Bizcubed Wiki

On this wiki, we will show you how to use Pentaho in your organisation effectively. Our pentaho tutorial is a compendium of information and howtos on the various elements of the Pentaho BI Suite. You can also see some of the interesting developments we have made with Pentaho to present your data in new and useful ways.

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The Innovative CIO’s Analytics strategy

The value of a long-term strategy in analytics, reporting and BI. We have been working with many of our clients for many years on their analytics solutions. In a lot of cases, the early projects were POCs and departmental solutions. However, with these long-term customers, they have recognised the value of a strategic analytics platform with no […]

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Build a Streamlined Data Refinery

With the surge of data over the last few years, it has been a complex task for many businesses to get real value from Big Data.  Simple batch reporting isn’t up to scratch anymore – consumers want easy to understand visual analytics, in their favourite on-demand real-time format, collaborating with their existing software.  This puts […]

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Retail Zoo Case Study

      “Our services partnership with BizCubed and software from Pentaho has helped us give our  franchisees the ability to ask more questions about their own businesses, and has provided them with tools to make real time and better retail business decisions for their stores."                    […]

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Pentaho World 2014 – BizCubed wins APAC partner of the year award

BizCubed is excited to announce it has won the Pentaho Partner of the Year for APAC at Pentaho World 2014.  We were really excited to be part of the first Pentaho World conference.  This was the first time customers, partners, and users got together with Pentaho. The conference was in Orlando and there was a real […]

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Kettle turns up Xero!

Integrating to Xero.com from Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)  One of the things I love about Pentaho is its great data management tool PDI, or 'Kettle' as it's known. Pentaho can load in and write out over 100 different data sources. It's the ultimate tool for data munging – I've never seen anything in its league for […]

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BizCubed is a Pentaho partner but is not part of Pentaho Corporation. Any statements or opinions made on this wiki are not necessarily those of Pentaho. This wiki is intended to supplement, but certainly not replace, the documentation made available by Pentaho. We maintain a list of other resources, which includes those created/maintained by Pentaho.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions. Please let us know what you think of our work!

We at BizCubed pride ourselves on our openness — not just in terms of code, but also in terms of our business processes.

In this spirit, we have made all public pages in this wiki (i.e. excluding BizCubed Internal pages) available through a Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Australia licence. This licence embodies the freedom that is given by the Pentaho commercial open source business intelligence suite.

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