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Bizcubed is the Australian pentaho Commercial Open Source Business Intelligence Partner.

Formed by experienced executives with a passion for smart technology, our unique skill is accelerating the adoption of business analytics programs. We get results for organisations with an abundance of data in disparate systems that need an ROI on their IT investment – fast.

As advocates for commercial open source technology, BizCubed is proud to be a certified Pentaho BI Platinum Partner in Australia and New Zealand.

Bizcubed Wiki

On this wiki, we will show you how to use Pentaho in your organisation effectively. Our pentaho tutorial is a compendium of information and howtos on the various elements of the Pentaho BI Suite. You can also see some of the interesting developments we have made with Pentaho to present your data in new and useful ways.

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Setting up a Pentaho server as a Windows service

Download the 64-bit version of Apache Tomcat that matches the Apache Tomcat version that was bundled with the PDI Server In the downloaded Tomcat zip file, copy the tomcat\bin\tomcat6.exe and tomcat\bin\tomcat6w.exe into the data-integration-server\tomcat\bin directory. Overwrite the existing files (Pentaho 6.1 is using Tomcat8 so tomcat8.exe and tomcat8w.exe) Start an Administrator Command Prompt, and navigate to the […]

PCM 16

Pentaho acquired by HDS

Pentaho acquired by HDS – what it means for Australia and New Zealand   A couple of days ago, Pentaho got acquired by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) for a reported cool half a billion bucks. This valuation reflects the success of Pentaho in the analytics and big data space and the expected continued success of […]

5 reasons you should be using RAIDS? (Redundant arrays of Inexpensive Data Stores )

It's a well known fact IT people in particular obsess about where they are storing their data. We read benchmarks and other performance measures to see what's up, whether our Database is still cutting the mustard or we should think about (sigh) moving on and starting a migration effort. This is particularly true of BI […]

Data: Let's think in more refined way about this messy subject

ISO 55000 defines Asset management as the "coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets". Wikipedia In a recent commentary by David Norris of Bloor Research, he explored the subject of data asset management, it's critical nature and the lack of good tooling available to help at the moment. One of the most […]

BizCubed is a Pentaho partner but is not part of Pentaho Corporation. Any statements or opinions made on this wiki are not necessarily those of Pentaho. This wiki is intended to supplement, but certainly not replace, the documentation made available by Pentaho. We maintain a list of other resources, which includes those created/maintained by Pentaho.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions. Please let us know what you think of our work!

We at BizCubed pride ourselves on our openness — not just in terms of code, but also in terms of our business processes.

In this spirit, we have made all public pages in this wiki (i.e. excluding BizCubed Internal pages) available through a Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Australia licence. This licence embodies the freedom that is given by the Pentaho commercial open source business intelligence suite.

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